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Own Brands

Ja! Natürlich - Austria's no. 1 organic brand

Organic is for everyone. With this credo, in 1994 Ja! Natürlich became Austria's first organic brand, bringing organic foodstuffs to the supermarket shelves at affordable prices. Today, Ja! Natürlich is Austria's largest organic brand. It stands for high-quality organic products, flavour, transparency, and economy in harmony with nature. Austria's most comprehensive range of organic goods offers more than 1,300 items - from staple foods and eggs to fruit, vegetables and garden products. Enjoyment with responsibility
Ja! Natürlich lives the motto "enjoyment with responsibility" - towards humans, animals and the environment. A central pillar of its success is its long-term partnerships with more than 7,000 Ja! Natürlich organic farmers and 160 partner companies. Strict controls ensure the high quality of the products. These go far beyond the legal requirements for organic foods. REWE International AG's premium organic brand Ja! Natürlich is available throughout Austria at branches of BILLA, MERKUR, BIPA, ADEG and SUTTERLÜTY. Further information: Ja! Natürlich.

clever® - top quality at affordable prices

Since 1999, discount brand clever® has been inspiring customers with top quality products at the best possible prices. 
The range includes around 550 everyday items, including dairy products, fruit and vegetables, household and bodycare items, and pet food. clever® works together with many well-known Austrian and international producers to manufacture its goods. Customers can rely on the brand's quality: all clever® products are double-checked and subjected to strict internal and external quality controls.  Highest customer confidence among discount brands
According to a survey carried out by marketmind in 2016, clever® is the best-known store brand in the country, enjoying 95% brand recognition. In addition, clever® ranks first among Austrian discount brands in terms of customer confidence, as proven by the BEST2TRUST 2017 study. Entry-level brand clever® by REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR, BIPA, SUTTERLÜTY, ADEG and AGM. Further information: clever®.

Chef Menü - enjoy good food, freshly cooked

Under the motto "Freshly cooked. Freshly chilled", the Chef Menü brand offers tasty instant meals. In 1995, the convenience brand brought the "first fresh single servings in Austria" to the supermarket shelves. Thanks to its varied product range and high standards, Chef Menü is now the leading provider of fresh chilled goods in Austria. The range includes 70 products and various lines - from dishes you might find in local restaurants and a selection of snacks right through to Italian cuisine.  Freshly cooked, freshly chilled
Dishes from the Chef Menü range taste like you have cooked them yourself. They are freshly prepared and chilled daily, and contain no added flavour enhancers or preservatives. The Chef Menü convenience brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG and Sutterlüty. Some of the range's delicacies can also be ordered via the BILLA online store, the MERKUR online store, and from MERKUR Direkt. Further information: Chef Menü

Simply Good - fresh ingredients and easy cooking

Being together, shared enjoyment and discovering new things: this is the idea behind the fresh convenience brand Simply Good. Since 2017, it has offered delicious dishes and ingredients for easy self-preparation. The varied range includes around 100 products in four categories: Easy Cooking, Garden Fresh, Magic Steam and Heat & Eat. Products range from soups, salads and pasta dishes to fresh vegetable stir-fries and steamed dishes.  Creative inspiration for everyday life
Simply Good scores points with tasty dishes that are ready in an instant. The fresh ingredients are selected with love and care. Simply Good dispenses completely with the addition of flavour enhancers, preservatives, and artificial colours and flavours. The fresh convenience brand Simply Good is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG and Sutterlüty. Selected ingredients and dishes can also be found in the BILLA online store, the MERKUR online store and at MERKUR Direkt. Further information: Simply Good.

Hofstädter - top-quality fresh and cured meat products

Hofstädter stands for top-class Austrian fresh and cured meat products. Whether it's mild-flavoured or robust hams, delicious salami and cured meat specialities, spicy bacon or the finest turkey sausage: all Hofstädter products combine unbeatable quality, traditional craftsmanship and lovingly tailored recipes. Numerous strict controls guarantee customers the highest levels of food safety. Guaranteed Austrian origin
The entire Hofstädter product range comes from animals born, reared, fed and slaughtered in Austria. Both the rearing of the animals and their slaughtering and butchery are carried out with the utmost care. The AMA quality seal underlines the high quality of all Hofstädter fresh and cured meat products. The Hofstädter brand from REWE International AG was launched in 2007. It is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA and MERKUR.

Vegavita - 100% plant-based pleasure

The Vegavita brand offers a range of vegan delicacies. The range includes around 90 purely plant-based products - from hummus, tofu and spreads to rice- and almond-based beverages, and even convenience products and frozen goods. The focus is on quality and flavour. Wherever possible, products are sourced from organic production in Austria. For example, the brand's tofu comes from soya grown in Burgenland. Guaranteed purely plant-based ingredients
Vegavita is popular with people who want to be conscious about what they eat. The range has been awarded the V label - the seal of approval for purely plant-based products. This ensures that all food are free from animal-based ingredients. Vegavita has been on the market since 2002. The vegan store brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG and Sutterlüty. Further information: Vegavita.

Da komm´ ich her! - fresh regional goods

Fresh fruit and vegetables grown by farmers local to the region: this is offered by regional brand "Da komm' ich her!". If "Da komm' ich her!" is on the product, then you can rest assured that it has been grown in the nearest Austrian region, harvested with love, carefully packed, and delivered fresh to local branches via the shortest route possible for the sake of the environment.  For a blooming Austria

As the initiator of Blühendes Österreich f (Austria in Bloom), "Da komm' ich her!" promotes the development and preservation of endangered habitats throughout Austria. One cent from each "Da komm' ich her!" product purchased goes towards the initiative. This ensures the survival of countless types of birds, insects, and plants. "Da komm ich her!" has been on the market since 2015 and was a hit with customers from the start. The regional store brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR and ADEG. Further information: Da komm‘ ich her.

Wegenstein - top quality wine at great prices

Fresh and fruity, harmonious and typical of the variety: this is how the quality wines from the Wegenstein winery present themselves. The range includes around 50 red, white and rosé wines. They range from Falstaff award-winning wines in the "Wegenstein Reserve" and "Wegenstein Klassik" product lines, via the "Edition Österreich" range, to brand wines such as the easy-drinking "Zen". All wines come from the vineyards of around 600 local winemakers. They are also vinified, processed, and bottled in Austria.  Purely Austrian wine appreciation
Wegenstein's claim is top quality wine at great prices. As one of the most important wineries in Austria, the company works closely with local growers, cooperatives and dealers. The wines are carefully processed, and are subject to strict quality controls. This multi-award-winning winery has been operating since 1988. Wegenstein wines are available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG, PENNY and Sutterlüty. Further information: Weinkellerei Wegenstein.

BILLA - the brand for enjoyment and quality

BILLA has been offering excellent quality at affordable prices through its store brand since 2011. The BILLA store brand scores points with a variety of high-quality products in a range of product groups. The product range includes more than 700 items - from staple foods, dairy products and confectionery to delicatessen products, detergents and cleaning agents, and pet food.  Products with something extra
In addition to price, BILLA's store brand offers customers other advantages. In the case of mountainside farmers Heumilch, this includes, for example, products originating in the Salzburg region, silage-free cattle fodder, GM-free products, and the use of the gentle microfiltration process. The advantages of each product are clearly indicated on the packaging. BILLA's store brand is available throughout Austria in branches of BILLA, as well as in the BILLA online store. Further information: Billa Marke.

BILLA Corso - deli products for gourmets

Selected specialities, the finest ingredients and delicious sweet treats: BILLA's premium brand, BILLA Corso, offers customers a very special range of products. The five BILLA Corso branches in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Klagenfurt are among the most exclusive food retailers in Austria. In addition to the standard range, the stores offer refined delicacies and specialities from Austria and around the world. Eat well, feel good
In order to offer the best of everything, BILLA Corso products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Many products have also been awarded seals of approval attesting to their sustainable value chain. With the BILLA Corso brand, REWE International AG has been breaking new ground in the premium segment since 2013. This premium brand's products are available in the BILLA Corso branches, as well as selected BILLA sites throughout Austria.

MERKUR Immer gut - quality at a special price

Since 2015, the MERKUR Immer gut brand has been ensuring that you can eat fresh, healthy food without breaking the bank. The retail brand scores points by offering quality at a special price. The product range includes around 750 items in both the food and non-food segments. MERKUR Immer gut offers dairy products, beverages, canned food, pasta/rice, frozen foods, bread and baked goods, as well as pet food, paper products, detergents and much more. Wide range of products with added value
MERKUR Immer gut offers customers an added extra: the advantages of each product are displayed on the front of the packaging. The range is constantly being expanded - for example with vegan and lactose-free products. MERKUR Immer gut is available throughout Austria in MERKUR branches, the MERKUR online store, and from MERKUR Direkt.

MERKUR Selektion - premium pleasure for everyday enjoyment

High-quality ingredients and top quality processing for discerning pleasure: premium brand MERKUR Selektion presents customers with a world of top-quality products at affordable prices. Under the motto, "For me, only the best", the brand offers a carefully selected range of traditional, and more unusual, specialities. The refined range includes around 100 exquisite products in various product categories - including, for example Waldviertler Graumohn grey poppy oil, Wachau sparkling apricot nectar, black tiger prawns and pizzini. A special design for special products
This exclusive store brand is also distinguished by its elegant design: the high-quality packaging design is complemented by background information on the origin and manufacturing of the products, as well as thought-provoking quotes. MERKUR Selektion was launched at the end of 2016. 

MERKUR Grill gut - Specialities for barbecue experts

Ready, steady, grill: MERKUR Grill gut offers delicious, high-quality barbecue products at reasonable prices. The range of around 40 products includes seasoned and marinated products, and unseasoned meat and fish products, as well as barbecue butter and marinades. MERKUR Grill gut also offers ready-grilled marinated dishes. These are served in aluminium containers and come freshly grilled off the barbecue - so everyone can be a barbecue expert.  Great barbecue products from Austria
The convenience products and the poultry, pork and beef are all 100% Austrian. The range also includes an ASC-certified trout. MERKUR Grill gut was launched in 2017. This store brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in MERKUR stores, as well as in the MERKUR online store.

MERKUR Immer grün - good for the environment and your wallet

MERKUR Immer grün is MERKUR's sustainable store brand. It represents the best value for money in the environmental field. The range includes environmentally friendly paper goods such as kitchen roll and tissues, baby products, as well as vegan detergents, polishes and cleaning products. All MERKUR Immer grün products are manufactured using resource-saving methods, and none of them are tested on animals. They also meet strict quality criteria. Clean with a clear conscience
The detergents, polishes and cleaning products from the MERKUR Immer grün range are certified with the Austrian eco-label - an independent seal of approval for ecology and quality. In addition, for every MERKUR Immer grün product purchased, one cent is donated to the Blühendes Österreich. (Austria in Bloom) initiative. MERKUR Immer Grün was launched in 2016. This sustainable store brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in MERKUR stores, as well as in the MERKUR online store.

LOOK BY BIPA - cutting-edge cosmetics

Lifestyle brand LOOK BY BIPA is available exclusively at BIPA. On the market since 1997, it is always on the cutting edge: fashion- and trend-conscious customers in particular appreciate its up-to-date, price-conscious beauty products. LOOK BY BIPA offers a broad range of high-quality basics in the segments of make-up, nail care and accessories. In addition, their Limited Edition products pick up on international trends and emphasise the lifestyle character of the brand. Creativity and styling for every occasion
LOOK BY BIPA products allow everyone to find their creative side, experiment and express their individuality - for inspiring yet wearable styles. In autumn 2017, the range was extended by around 300 items. The cosmetics brand from REWE International AG is available throughout Austria in BIPA branches, as well as the BIPA online store.

bi good - sustainable, every day

bi good is BIPA's ecological store brand. The range includes sustainable vegan household products and natural skincare products. They are based on the active ingredients of Austrian plants. The natural ingredients are carefully selected and typically Austrian, such as blackcurrant, white waterlily, globe daisy and lemon balm. bi good products are GM-free and not tested on animals. They are also manufactured without synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens or mineral oils, and come in environmentally friendly packaging.  bi good Code of Conduct for all products
The bi good Code of Conduct ensures that all products are manufactured in Austria and derived from sustainable raw materials, and that all packaging is recyclable. bi good products have been recognised with well-known ecological seals of approval such as the EU Ecolabel, the German Blauer Engel, the NaTrue logo, and the Veganblume vegan flower. For every bi good product sold, one cent is donated to the Blühendes Österreich (Austria in Bloom) initiative. bi good was launched in 2014. BIPA's sustainable store brand is available throughout Austria in branches of BIPA, as well as in the BIPA online store.