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Media Companies

RADIO MAX - where the music plays

Lively, well-informed shopping - this is what RADIO MAX provides 14 hours a day. Since 1994, Austria's first and only live shopping radio station has been providing customers of BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY and BIPA with information and inspiring entertainment. Live presenters report on new products and promotions, and offer household and beauty tips as well as ideas for spa and leisure time. There are also half-hourly news and sports updates.  A relaxed shopping experience 
RADIO MAX reaches 10 million people per day with a programme tailored to meet customers' needs at particular times of the day - for a fun, stress-free listening experience while shopping. Since 2001, RADIO MAX has also been broadcasting in our branches in Central and Eastern Europe.  More information: RADIO MAX.

RG Verlag - magazines for every taste

As REWE International AG's corporate publishing specialist, RG Verlag publishes magazines for private and business customers. The publishing company arose from the successful women's and lifestyle magazine maxima, and now produces a range of high-quality publications to meet different customer requirements. Varied formats and up-to-date content are realised in a modern style and to the highest of standards. Formats that work
With its flagship magazine maxima alone, RG Verlag inspires over 500,000 readers of all ages. The wide-ranging media portfolio also includes the ADEG customer magazine "Land & Leut'", the BILLA employee magazine "Du & Ich", the BILLA customer magazine "frisch gekocht kids", the "Schmankerlpost" journal for PENNY, and the Life Ball magazine, which is published once a year. More information: RG Verlag.

marian in-house agency - for strong brands

Successful advertising guaranteed - this is what marian stands for. This in-house agency combines all promotional activities for the whole of REWE International AG. As an internal partner, marian has first-hand experience of our corporate culture and target groups. Founded over 25 years ago, today the agency of around 90 employees is an essential factor in creating an attractive brand image.  Ideas, creatively visualised
The in-house agency covers the entire workflow -  from ideas and conception via graphics right through to the production of promotional materials. Designers take care of the visualisation and come up with out-of-the-ordinary ideas that stand out instore, as well as at trade fairs and other events. Professional photographers skilfully place products, people and stores in the spotlight. And experienced employees ensure that everything is professionally printed and produced.  More information: marian Inhouse-Agentur