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02 May 2018

Thousands of Bulgarians attended free folklore lessons, organized by BILLA

The initiative took place at the parking lots of 24 stores in the period of one month

Thousands of Bulgarians learnt some of the most popular Bulgarian dances (horo) at free lessons, organized by BILLA Bulgaria in 18 cities. Every weekend in the period of one month, 24 stores of the retail chain welcomed folklore lovers from different generations who danced together with experienced choreographers. The initiative was full of joy and contributed to the revival of the interest to Bulgarian folklore dances. The free folklore dance lessons are part of the national campaign “We love Bulgaria“, whose goal is providing financial support for significant cultural monuments. This year the project will support the Panorama “Pleven Epopee 1879”.
“The free folklore dance lessons take place for a second year in a row. Fortunately, the interest to Bulgarian folklore continues growing. We are happy to organize such a large-scale event, inspired by such a unique heritage as folklore. It is incredible to see how people at different age, with different jobs, hobbies and interests hold their hands tight and have fun together. This is a wonderful message to all Bulgarians, saying that it is important to be united and to face difficulties together“, said Boyko Satchanski, CEO of BILLA Bulgaria. The free folklore dance lessons were realized in partnership with local folklore dance schools, who teach non-professionals. Every dance group had the opportunity to prepare a video with its performance and to take part in “Dance for Bulgaria” contest, organized by BILLA. A professional jury from „Philip Koutev“ ensemble selected three winners in two categories – authentic horo and choreographic development. However, Facebook users will have the last word. They will choose their favorite group, as voting for them. The dance schools, whose videos have the largest number of votes in the two categories, will take part in the spectacular charity concert, supporting the Pleven Panorama on May 22nd at Arena Armeets hall. Veselin Marinov, Tonika Domini, Riton, 100 KILA, SkandaU, Deep Zone Project, The Mistery of Bulgarian Voices, Berkovskata Duhova Muzika, Slavka Kalcheva and Poli Paskova will entertain the audience at Arena Armeets hall with their performances. The tickets for the concert cost 10 BGN and can be found in all BILLA stores in Sofia and Pleven as well as in Ticketpro’s network.