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REWE International AG in Austria - diverse, regional and innovative

From BILLA to MERKUR, from Ja! Natürlich to Wegenstein, from maxima to RADIO MAX: Several trading companies, own brands, tourism and media companies as well asproduction facilities are brought together under the umbrella of REWE International AG in Austria.

BILLA - the local provider with "common sense"

BILLA has been a pioneer in Austria's domestic food retail for more than 60 years. With more than 1,000 branches, BILLA is firmly established as a local supplier in all regions. In addition, it is also a pioneer in Austria's online food retail, providing what is currently the only delivery service to supply every postcode in the country. In addition to a wide range of branded goods, BILLA's product range also includes many successful store brands - such as the Ja! Natürlich organic products, the BILLA own brand, and the clever® discount line.  In action for people and the environment
BILLA employs around 19,500 people, and around 950 apprentices complete their training with the Austrian food retailer. After their apprenticeship, the BILLA Masterclass is available to those who wish to continue their education. With more than 4.2 million regular customers, the BILLA loyalty programme is the largest of its kind in Austria. Sustainability is an important part of the corporate strategy: around two-thirds of BILLA stores are already energy-efficient. 

Further information about the company: BILLA.
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MERKUR – Marketplace for quality, variety and freshness.

As Austria's leading hypermarket chain, MERKUR stands for pleasure and zest for life. Every week, more than 1.3 million customers head to the stores of award-winning design to shop for a wide range of top quality products with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The 132 MERKUR hypermarkets have an average surface area of 2,000 square metres and offer more than 20,000 items - including the popular store brands MERKUR Immer gut and MERKUR Immer grün. MERKUR also offers Austria's largest range of Ja! Natürlich products and Europe's largest Ja! Natürlich organic bakery. Skilled butchers also process top quality fresh meat in the chain's own butchery. Likeable and popular in Austria
MERKUR has around 10,000 employees and trains more than 400 apprentices. In image surveys, the retail company repeatedly scores top marks for quality, likeability, expertise, service and friendliness. The Friends of MERKUR loyalty programme offers numerous benefits to around 2.8 million regular customers. The chain's wide range of products is also available online in Vienna and the surrounding area: the MERKUR online store. The MERKUR Direkt delivery service also makes daily deliveries to companies and offices in selected regions.

Further information about the company:  MERKUR.
Click here for the Careers section:  Careers at MERKUR.

PENNY - Quality and freshness at the best price

At PENNY, good things can be enjoyed affordably. The discount chain from REWE International AG offers a range of fresh products and branded goods to suit every taste. Its range of approximately 1,900 products includes everything from foodstuffs to everyday products. These include the popular store brands PENNY., penny heat & eat, and penny to go. Many of its products are locally sourced and have been awarded the sustainability seal of approval. Around 300 PENNY stores and the PENNY online store also offer weekly changing deals in the non-food sector.

Fresh meat, bread and bakery goods
PENNY employs around 2,600 people in Austria and trains more than 70 apprentices. PENNY is Austria's only domestic food discounter, and the majority of branches also have their own butchery department. These butchery departments process fresh meat from local farms and also accept special requests. Bread and baked goods come fresh out of the oven several times a day. The PENNY Card offers a range of advantages and deals to around 1.3 million regular customers.

Further information about the company:  PENNY Markt.
Click here for the Careers section:  Careers at PENNY.

BIPA - the world of beauty and homecare

BIPA is one of Austria's leading drugstore retailers, inspiring its customers with current trends in beauty, fragrance and household goods. Around 600 BIPA branches provide a modern, feel-good atmosphere and, in addition to the  BIPA online store, offer customers a wide range of products: the range includes more than 15,000 international brand products as well as successful store brands such as bi good, LOOK BY BIPA and Babywell. At BIPA, customers can find make-up, bodycare and household items, as well as products from the food & snacking and pet food sectors. Through its BIPACard, the company offers attractive advantages to around 3.1 million regular customers. Popular, excellent employer
BIPA employs around 3,800 people in Austria and trains more than 140 apprentices. It places especial importance on the compatibility of work and family. This popular employer has been singled out by the independent Great Place to Work® Institute as one of Austria's best employers and apprentice trainers. 

Further information about the company:  BIPA.
Click here for the Careers section:  Careers at BIPA.

ADEG - popular regional supplier

Food retailer ADEG is a popular regional supplier with stores in many rural areas. Under the slogan "Welcome home!", ADEG's independent merchants in around 400 local stores offer their customers everything they need for day-to-day living. The product range features regional products and local, seasonal specialities. Food comes from local producers and suppliers, as well as from REWE International AG's product range.  ADEG merchants working for the regions 
ADEG merchants are traditional employers with passion for their work and roots in their regions. They know the needs of their customers, and inspire them with a range of products and services. Every day, around 2,300 employees at ADEG ensure quality, freshness, great flavour, and personal service. 

Further information about the company: ADEG.
Click here for the Careers section:  Careers at ADEG.

AGM - your partner for gastronomy and hotel industry

ADEG's wholesale chain, AGM, has been a strong partner for the gastronomy and hotel industry for over 50 years. Nineteen AGM stores throughout Austria offer an attractive range of top quality products at great prices, including the entry-level price segment AGM 500 and popular own brands SunGold and GenussGold. The range is complemented by changing offers - for example regional products, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and Austrian and international beef specialities.  High standards of freshness, quality and service
AGM is the leading trading partner for bulk consumers in Austria. The company employs around 900 people in Austria and trains 24 apprentices. All products meet strict guidelines in terms of freshness, quality, service and availability. As a partner of GENUSS REGION AUSTRIA, AGM offers numerous high-quality regional foods with traceable origins. Safety is ensured by comprehensive quality management. 

Further information about the company: AGM.
Click here for the Careers section: Careers at AGM.

Sutterlüty - Vorarlberg's family chain

Food retailer Sutterlüty has been providing customers in Vorarlberg (west of Austria) with high-quality food products since the 1950s. There is a real focus on local products, with over 3,000 items from the Vorarlberg and Lake Constance regions, and the quality brand Sutterlüty's. Every third euro spent at Sutterlüty flows back into the region. Established store brands from REWE International AG - such as Ja! Natürlich, Vegavita, Simply Good and clever® - enrich the product range. Family-friendly regional employer
Sutterlüty is one of the largest employers in Vorarlberg, with around 700 workers in 23 branches and Gusto restaurants. The company has been singled out several times for being especially family-friendly. Customers enjoy the cosy shopping atmosphere, combined with service, quality, and unique regional products. The Sutterlüty advantage card offers attractive deals to around 145,000 regular customers. REWE International AG has held a 24.9% stake in Sutterlüty since 2003.

Further information about the company:  Sutterlüty.
Click here for the Careers section:  Careers at Sutterlüty.

BILLA stop & shop - convenience shopping from early in the morning to late at night

Fresh products, long opening hours and fair prices: Thanks to the cooperation between JET (parent company ConocoPhilipps Austria) and REWE International AG, since 2007, customers have been able to make the most of a trip to the petrol station by doing a little shopping. At 130 JET petrol stations in Austria, self-employed petrol station operators now offer a wide range of fresh products, snacks and baked goods under the co-branding "BILLA stop & shop". Stores are also open on Sundays and bank holidays. Customers appreciate the wide range of products, available at prices only slightly higher than supermarket prices.  Large selection of fresh products
BILLA stop & shop offers a far wider product range than conventional petrol stations. Over a surface area of at least 60 square metres, around 1,500 products are on offer, including a wide selection of fresh products covering everything from dairy goods, fruit and vegetables to oven-fresh baked goods. In a 2015 survey carried out by a market research institute, BILLA stop & shop was voted the most attractive petrol station store in Austria.  

Further information:  BILLA stop & shop.

MERKUR inside - variety on-the-go and at home

An inviting store-within-a-store concept with a wide range of fresh products: this is what MERKUR inside offers at many BP petrol stations in Austria. The range includes around 1,200 branded products for everyday needs. The selection includes fresh fruit and vegetables, staple foods and dairy products, as well as snacks and sweet treats.  Shop seven days a week
MERKUR inside's range of high-quality fresh foods for on-the-go or at home is available 365 days a year. Fresh bread and baked goods come out of the oven several times a day. The range is supplemented with a generous selection of quality wines and freshly cut flowers. MERKUR inside's discerning customers benefit from premium products at attractive prices.  Further information: MERKUR inside.