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Our behaviour is significantly shaped by integrity. This notably means that we respect laws and regulations, lead a fair competition and are reliable partners. Our most important standards of conduct are defined in the REWE Group Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is based on the REWE Group mission statement. It contains principles and minimum standards for our business conduct and dealings with one another. It gives us orientation and is mandatory for everyone who acts on behalf of the REWE Group.

Fair contract practices

REWE International AG has voluntarily signed up to the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) at EU level. By doing this, we are committing to fair contract practices throughout the food supply chain. The focus is on the protection of consumer interests, fairness and sustainability in the supply chain.

Our ombudsman for you
The REWE Group has appointed lawyer Andreas von Máriássy as an external ombudsman. He collects information from all REWE Group employees and third parties which provides evidence of suspected criminal offences and/or other violations of the law and regulations (including internal regulations), with a particular focus on fighting corruption. On request, the ombudsman will protect the identity of whistle-blowers. Using the ombudsman's services does not cost you anything.
Ombudsman contact details
REWE Group ombudsman 
Andreas von Máriássy
Altheimer Eck 13 / II, Munich
Tel: +49 89 23 66 790

Weitere Infos

Ombudsmann der REWE Group
Andreas von Máriássy
Altheimer Eck 13 / II, München
Tel: +49 89 23 66 790